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A hybrid event August 23 24th 2024

Immerse yourself in the beauty, serenity, and quiet of the rolling hills of King Township at the Inspire Your Muse Writing Retreat this August.

The historic Sherwood Farm Retreat is nestled away in King City, a unique family-owned farm with spots to delight and inspire your muse around every corner.

Whether you just want a quiet spot to sit and write, need a break from the hum of the city, or are looking for inspiration, this writer's retreat is designed for writers just like you. Choose your own experience as you navigate what the retreat has in store.

With two different options to choose from: a virtual 2-day event, or a combination of both virtual and in-person events, there will be something to ignite and engage your writing journey or find just what you are looking for.

With a mix of authors, companies, and professionals, our expert speakers will help you with your marketing and writing journey and share their tips and tricks.

Wherever you are in your writer's journey, dedicate August 23-24th to you and your craft.

Friday, August 23rd- Online Events Only

Join Amanda Gavigan Friday for a Virtual Networking Mastermind event, where guests can meet other writers and professionals ​within the literary and publishing industry. Find your next editor, copywriter, or critique partner during this 90-minute event ​from 1-2:30 PM EST on August 23rd. Get your ticket for this incredible event now! You can attend this event alone or grab a ​bundle deal including all the Friday and Saturday speaker events. Don't miss out!

Making the Most of Author Appearances with a Q&A hosted by Author Gary D McGugan

Join Gary D McGugan live on Zoom as he shares his tips and tricks for booking public appearances and the importance of that for any author.

Join Canadian author Kevin R Coleman for a virtual co-writing event from 7:00 to 8:30 PM ET. You can write alongside Kevin and other authors. At the end, we will discuss where everyone is in their writing process to establish connections, exchange ideas, and answer any questions you might have for your fellow wordsmiths.

Saturday, August 24th- In-Person & Online Events

Unlock the Secrets of the Literary Universe

Dive into the world of words with us! Join us online or in person from 9 AM to 12 PM and immerse yourself in the wisdom of the ​literary greats. This is your golden ticket to:

  • Engage with renowned keynote speakers from the literary sphere.
  • Discover insider secrets and emerging trends in the publishing landscape.
  • Participate in live Q&A sessions and get your burning questions answered.

Aimee Ravichandran

Sabrina Greer

Candy Zulkosky

Cheryl Rankin

Fred Rutman

Lunch 12- 1 PM

Our in-person attendees will be treated to a delightful mid-day feast curated to keep those creative juices flowing.

For a sweet finale, allow yourself to be tempted by the exquisite cookies provided by Fran Murray Co. Each bite is a blend of tradition and whimsy, baked to perfection to tantalize your tastebuds. These delightful treats are not just food; they’re inspiration on a plate. Take this opportunity to enjoy lunch, mingle with fellow authors, and engage in stimulating conversation that could spark your next great idea. Or, if solitude calls, wander the serene grounds of Sherwood Farm Retreat. Nourish your body, feed your muse, and let the words flow.

Afternoon of Artistry 1-5 PM

Step into a sanctuary where your words can flow uninterrupted. Whether joining us virtually from the comfort of your home or in person at our tranquil haven, our Afternoon of Artistry is your time to:

  • Focus solely on your craft, letting your narratives unfold and characters come to life.
  • Connect with fellow authors in a supportive atmosphere, fostering meaningful dialogues and potential collaborations.
  • Find inspiration in the serene surroundings or through the shared energy of our online community

Speakers & Event Presentations

Gary D. McGugan: Getting the Most From Author Events

Learn more about how you can get more from live author events in this interactive presentation. ​Gary D. McGugan is the author of seven highly-rated novels of international suspense and ​intrigue, and spends his weekends at various Chapters across Ontario doing book signings.

Kevin R Coleman: Virtual Co-writing Event

Amanda Gavigan: The Lit Muse Networking Lunch

Join Amanda Gavigan Friday for a Virtual Networking Mastermind event, where guests can meet ​other writers and professionals within the literary and publishing industry.

Aimee Ravichandran: Social media for authors

Sabrina Greer - The Power of Sharing Your Story

FriesenPress- Christoph: Self Publishing with Services 101

Candy Zulkosky: Writing Smarter, Not Harder: Your Writing Habit

in the Age of AI

Elevate your writing process and elevate your book business using the tools of the digital age to ​streamline your writing habit. Boost your productivity and create more efficient workflows. Explore ​strategies for managing your book business proactively. Adapt to the ever-evolving world of ​publishing and leverage technology, like AI, to your advantage.

Candy Zulkosky, a versatile writer with a passion for storytelling, has built a dynamic career across ​various genres and mediums. As The Writer Success Coach, Candy leverages her extensive ​experience to support writers in achieving their goals through personalized coaching, editing ​feedback, and collaborative ghostwriting projects.

Cheryl Rankin: Marketing Your Book

Fit For Business is a business consulting company specializing in marketing and sales. We love to help ​businesses figure out how to market with little or no money - No Dollars Marketing and Shape Up Your ​Sales.

Fred Rutman: Book Reading & Personal Author Journey

Fred is the author of the medical trauma memoir, The Summer I Died Twenty Times and host of The ​Dead Man Walking Podcast. He is a former business professor who experienced a series of medical ​traumas in 2009, including being clinically dead 20 times. These incidents, compounded with pre-​existing conditions from a stroke at birth, resulted in PTSD, post-concussion syndrome, and anxiety. ​After enduring multiple hospitalizations, heart procedures, and pacemaker failures, Fred discovered ​intermittent fasting in 2018. He credits this lifestyle change for the majority of his recovery, including ​reversing his Type 2 diabetes. Today, Fred dedicates his time to inspiring others facing adversity, ​embodying resilience and positivity. His life serves as a powerful testament to human resilience and the ​transformative power of positivity and health.

Cindy Snyder became self-employed in 2012, after becoming permanently disabled in her 20s. She now ​has over a decade of experience as an editor and researcher, working primarily with clients in the ​literary industry. She’s also a partner in a hybrid publishing house, Celestial Echo Press.






About your Organizers

About Amanda Gavigan:

Meet Amanda Gavigan, the passionate entrepreneur behind a thriving Virtual Assistant business established in 2021. Initially dedicated ​to supporting business owners and busy professionals in streamlining their administration and operational tasks, Amanda's journey ​took an exciting turn in 2023.

Driven by her love for literature and a desire to utilize her diverse background in both corporate and entrepreneurial spheres, ​Amanda transitioned her focus to serving authors. Drawing upon her extensive expertise, she now offers a comprehensive array of ​services tailored specifically to the needs of writers and professionals within the literary industry.

While Amanda affectionately refers to herself as a Virtual Assistant, her role extends far beyond traditional boundaries. From project ​management to orchestrating book launches, she's adept at handling every facet of literary support with precision and flair.

Characterized by her skill, professionalism, and approachability, Amanda's dedication to her craft shines through in every project she ​undertakes. Her latest venture, the Inspire Your Muse Writers Retreat, embodies her commitment to empowering authors, ​particularly those venturing into self-publishing, to pursue their writing aspirations with confidence and determination.

About Cindy Snyder:

Meet Cindy Snyder, a passionate editor, researcher, and virtual assistant with a knack for navigating the online world since 2012. Her ​journey into virtual assistance and project management led her to cross paths with Amanda, sparking many discussions surrounding ​favourite authors, new collaborations, and a friendship.

With a keen eye for detail and an uncanny ability to uncover information online, Cindy takes pride in her craft. Over time, she ​discovered a natural affinity for working with authors, drawn to their creative energy and storytelling prowess.

A lifelong bookworm and self-professed grammar enthusiast (much to her husband's amusement), Cindy's love for literature ​seamlessly intertwines with her professional pursuits. This passion was further fueled by her familial ties to the literary world, with ​her mother paving the way as an editor and hybrid publisher. Cindy was recently made partner of the hybrid publishing imprint, ​Celestial Echo Press.

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